Creative Graphic Careers To Explore

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Designing is a hot skill right now because it has so many applications. It is also quite a saturated job market. In order to find your niche and figure out a career path in designing, you need to start early, and work hard. Here are some of the avenues you can explore: exhibition booth setup hk

Production Manager 

It takes a while to become the head production manager of any outfit, but some many different companies from movie, to theatre, to interior decorating and internet media companies have production facilities that are always looking to hire. It is a good idea to intern or seek a position as an assistant because you can learn a lot from doing the dirty work. Production designers basically create functioning yet attractive spaces for certain purposes like filming. Sometimes, production designers are also called in for events like exhibition booth design HK, or any other countries in which big multi-national companies operate. 

Graphic Designer 

This job or skill rather, is part of being a 21st century designer no matter what field you will go into. It is essential that you familiarize yourself with software and know how to use digital tools to achieve certain effects. For instance, if you are designing an exhibition booth design Hong Kong, you will need the computer as much as your initial freehand sketches, often because the colour laminates, posters and models are often printed out electronically instead of being made manually. There are other avenues too: advertising companies often look for someone good with creative software to come up with promotional material, packaging etc. Digital media companies are mostly made up of graphic designers who make everything from online advertisements to websites. Even greeting card companies and publishing houses hire graphic designers these days because everything is done on computers and their skills are needed from everything to finding a new wrapping paper pattern to creating the next best-selling novel jacket. You can view more information by visiting

Interior Decorators 

Despite looking easy, interior decorators have a tough job. They too need to know how to use digital tools to create imaginary spaces that their clients will like before committing to anything. There is a lot of production detail involved here as well, and it merges a lot of skills such as people skills, architecture and aesthetic taste. Set designers often graduate to interior decorating because they involve similar work ethics and practices where they design a space and decorate it with a personality in mind.  

Thus, letting your creative juices flow in any form of designing career is a good option especially since there is a variety of jobs out there for you to try.